How To Repost A Reel On Instagram

So, you’ve come across a fantastic Reel on Instagram and you’re itching to share it with your followers, but Instagram doesn’t make it easy for you.

Don’t worry, there are ways to repost that amazing Reel without breaking a sweat. By the end of this, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to effortlessly share Reels on your own profile, sparking intrigue and interaction with your audience.

Keep reading to discover the best methods for reposting Reels on Instagram and make your feed stand out!

Key Takeaways

Finding Share-Worthy Reels

To effectively find share-worthy Reels on Instagram, regularly use the search tool to discover content aligned with your brand or client’s strategy. As you navigate to the Reels section of the Instagram app, you can enter specific keywords or phrases related to your brand or marketing campaign into the search bar. This allows you to pinpoint Reels that resonate with your audience and are in line with your content strategy.

By identifying Reels that embody the essence of your brand, you can ensure that the content you repost aligns seamlessly with your existing social media presence.

Utilizing the search tool empowers you to locate compelling and original Reels that can enhance your social media Story. When you find share-worthy Reels, it’s essential to consider how they fit into your overall marketing strategy and engagement goals. Discuss the reposting strategy with your client or team to ensure that the selected Reels will captivate and resonate with your audience.

Reposting Reels Using Instagram Stories

When using Instagram Stories to repost Reels, you can easily extend the reach of your existing content and share captivating material with your audience. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Navigate to the Reel: Start by finding the Reel you wish to repost. Once you’ve found it, tap on the paper airplane icon below the Reel. Then, select ‘Add post to your story.’
  2. Customize your Story: After selecting ‘Add post to your story,’ you can personalize your Story by adding text, stickers, or drawings. This is your chance to add your own creative touch to the reposted Reel.
  3. Share to Your Story: Once you’re satisfied with how your Story looks, share it to your Story. Your followers will now be able to view the reposted Reel by tapping on your Story.

Reposting Reels using Instagram Stories is a fantastic way to share engaging content with your audience. It allows you to showcase the creativity of others while also expanding the reach of your own content. Remember to always credit the original creator by tagging them in your Story.

Downloading the Reel to Repost

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After sharing engaging Reels through Instagram Stories, you can take your reposting strategy to the next level by downloading the Reel to repost directly to your feed.

Start by downloading a repost app to your device. Once installed, locate the Reel you want to repost and copy the link to it.

Open the reposting app and paste the Reel link into it. This will allow you to add a caption and choose attribution settings as desired. It’s crucial to credit the original creator when reposting content on Instagram.

After making these selections, share the Reel to your Instagram feed by tapping the ‘Repost’ button.

Scheduling Instagram Reels

Consider using a social media management tool to efficiently schedule your Instagram Reels and maintain a consistent posting schedule. Scheduling Instagram Reels can streamline your social media strategy, improve your social media marketing, and optimize the reach and engagement of your content.

Here are three key benefits of scheduling Instagram Reels:

  1. Consistency: Scheduling your Instagram Reels ensures a steady stream of content for your audience, helping to build anticipation and keep them engaged with your brand.
  2. Optimized Posting Time: By scheduling your Reels, you can analyze the best times to post based on your audience’s activity and behavior, maximizing the potential reach and engagement of your content.
  3. Time Efficiency: Planning and scheduling your Reel posting in advance allows you to allocate time for creating high-quality content while maintaining a consistent presence on the platform.

Incorporating scheduled Instagram Reels into your social media strategy can significantly enhance your overall content strategy, boost audience engagement, and contribute to the growth of your brand on Instagram.

Sharing a Link to Instagram Reels

sharing instagram reels via link

To share a link to your Instagram Reels, you can utilize various tools and methods to extend the reach of your captivating content.

When reposting your own Reels, you can simply post them on your profile without the need for extra tools.

However, if you want to repost Reels from other Instagram accounts, there are free tools available to help you with this.

One way to share your Reels is by posting the link to your Reel on other social media platforms or in your blog, driving traffic back to your Instagram account.

You can also share Reels from your customers or influencer marketing partners to give credit and tag them in your Story or post. This not only expands the reach of your content but also strengthens partnerships and collaborations.

By sharing links to your Instagram Reels, you can engage a wider audience and drive more traffic to your captivating content.

Utilize these methods to make the most out of your Instagram Reels and expand your online presence.

Best Practices for Reposting Instagram Reels

When reposting Instagram Reels, always ensure that you use third-party apps to give proper credit to the original creators while extending the reach of captivating content. By following best practices for reposting Instagram Reels, you can enhance your content strategy and engage with your audience effectively.

Here are some key best practices to keep in mind:

  1. Properly Credit the Original Creator: Always tag and mention the original creator when reposting a Reel. This not only gives credit where it’s due but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration among content creators.
  2. Repost on Instagram Stories: Consider reposting Reels on your Instagram Story to increase engagement. This can help you reach a wider audience and drive traffic back to your main Reel, boosting overall visibility and interaction.
  3. Use Reposting to Save Time and Resources: Reposting Reels from other accounts can save time and resources in content creation. It allows you to share engaging content while diversifying your feed with a variety of perspectives and styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Copy a Reel and Repost It?

To repost a Reel on Instagram, use third-party apps like InSaver or QuickSave. Save the Reel, then share it directly on your profile. Always credit the original creator in the caption. It’s crucial for social media etiquette and respecting copyright.

How Do You Share an Existing Reel on Instagram?

To share an existing Reel on Instagram, consider Reel etiquette, sharing options, and copyright concerns. Engage with creative captions, tag influencers, and interact with your audience to boost engagement and viral potential while adhering to community guidelines and algorithm insights.

How Do You Share a Reel on Instagram 2023?

In 2023, Instagram updates continue to shape social media trends. Video content remains key for user engagement. The Instagram algorithm values hashtag strategy and audience interaction. Create compelling Reels for inspiration and use Instagram Stories to expand your reach.

How Do You Reshare a Video on Instagram?

To reshare a video on Instagram, ensure you follow reposting etiquette and credit the original creator. Leverage video editing to customize content for maximum engagement. Stay updated with Instagram’s algorithm to boost your online presence and collaborate with influencers.


Now that you know how to repost a Reel on Instagram, you can easily share share-worthy content with your followers.

Whether you choose to repost using Instagram Stories, download the Reel, or schedule it for later, be sure to give credit to the original creator.

By following these best practices, you can diversify your content, engage your audience, and create a more dynamic Instagram feed.

Happy reposting!

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