How To Make A Reel On Instagram With Photos

If you’ve ever thought about creating a reel on Instagram with photos, but felt overwhelmed by the process, don’t worry – it’s simpler than you might think. In fact, with just a few easy steps, you can transform your collection of photos into an engaging and dynamic reel that will capture the attention of your followers.

Whether you’re a seasoned Instagram user or just getting started, mastering the art of reel creation can significantly enhance your presence on the platform. So, let’s explore how you can effortlessly craft a visually stunning reel using your own photos and leave your audience craving for more.

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram Reels with photos offer a unique and engaging platform for creative expression and brand storytelling.
  • Adding transitions between photos enhances the visual appeal of Instagram Reels.
  • Utilizing Instagram’s native app provides a seamless way to create and share photo Reels on the platform.
  • Third-party tools like Canva and InVideo can enhance the quality and professional look of Instagram Reels with photos.

Understanding Instagram Reels

If you’re new to Instagram Reels, these short vertical videos are a creative way to showcase your photos and videos, similar to TikTok and YouTube Shorts. Instagram Reels offer a unique and engaging platform to express your creativity and brand.

One of the reasons to use Instagram Reels is the ability to create captivating content using photos. To make a Reel on Instagram with photos, you can utilize the video editing features to add multiple photos and create a visually appealing slideshow. When creating Instagram Reels, you have the option to select multiple photos from your gallery and seamlessly incorporate them into your video. Additionally, you can add transitions between the photos to enhance the visual appeal of your Reel. This provides a great opportunity to showcase a series of images in a dynamic and captivating manner.

Understanding the potential of Instagram Reels using photos allows you to leverage this feature for brand expression and creative storytelling.

Creating Reels With Your Photos

When creating Reels with your photos on Instagram, select the most captivating and brand-aligned images to feature in your video. Make sure the photos you choose resonate with your audience and convey your message effectively.

Utilize Instagram’s editing tools to customize your Reel, adding music, text, and effects to enhance the visual appeal. Experiment with different filters, effects, and captions to create an engaging and dynamic photo slideshow within your Reel.

Consider using third-party tools like Canva or InVideo to create professional-looking photo slideshows with added transitions and animations, taking your Reels to the next level.

Leverage the ability to add multiple photos to make your Reel more visually interesting and compelling. By incorporating these strategies, you can create captivating and innovative Reels that effectively showcase your photos and captivate your audience.

Don’t forget to explore Instagram reel templates to streamline the process and add a creative touch to your content.

Utilizing Native App for Reel Creation

creating reels with native app

To utilize the native app for creating Reels with photos on Instagram, tap the Reels tab/section to access the tools for selecting photos from your gallery and customizing your Reel with music, text, and effects. Then, follow these steps to make Instagram Reels using the native Instagram app:

Step Instruction
1 Tap the Reels tab/section in Instagram.
2 Select photos from your gallery.
3 Choose the time duration for each photo.
4 Add music, text, and effects.

By using the native Instagram app, you can easily create a reel with your photos and customize it to make it engaging for your audience. The app provides editing tools that allow you to enhance your Instagram photo reel and make it visually appealing. Once you have finished creating your photo Reel, you can share it directly on Instagram, reaching your followers and the wider Instagram community.

Utilizing the native app for Reel creation offers a seamless and efficient way to showcase your creativity and share captivating photo stories with your audience. With the built-in functionalities of the native app, the process of creating and sharing photo Reels on Instagram becomes both straightforward and enjoyable.

Making Instagram Reels on Canva

After exploring the native app for creating Instagram Reels with photos, you can seamlessly pivot to utilizing Canva, an intuitive and versatile platform offering a plethora of design options for crafting engaging and visually captivating Instagram Reels. With Canva, you can create professional-looking reels using your images and editing tools.

Here are some reasons why making Instagram Reels on Canva is a great choice:

  • Free access to templates, font options, and transition effects.
  • Ability to create exposure with a photo slideshow and music without appearing on camera.
  • Convenience of both desktop and mobile usage.
  • Versatility for other design purposes beyond Reels.

Using Canva for Instagram Reels not only allows you to create a new form of video content but also provides a variety of design options, making it suitable for enhancing your Instagram marketing efforts. Canva’s user-friendly interface and extensive features enable you to craft captivating and innovative Reels that will resonate with your audience.

Using Multiple Photos in Reels

utilizing multiple images effectively

If you frequently share multiple photos on your Instagram account, utilizing this feature in Reels can significantly enhance the visual storytelling aspect of your content. To create a Reel with multiple photos, tap the gallery icon in the new Reel editor. Then, select multiple photos by tapping ‘Select’ above the gallery grid and choose the photos you want to add to your Reel. The timeline bar at the bottom shows the order of your photos, allowing you to arrange them as desired. You can add up to 50 multiple photos in each Reel, providing ample opportunity for creative expression and dynamic visual storytelling. This feature enables you to seamlessly combine and showcase a series of images, creating captivating and engaging content for your audience. Whether you’re sharing highlights from an event, a step-by-step tutorial, or a visual journey, incorporating multiple photos in your Reels allows you to craft compelling narratives using just pictures.

Step Instructions
1 Tap the gallery icon in the Reel editor
2 Select multiple photos
3 Choose the photos for your Reel
4 Arrange the order of your photos
5 Add up to 50 multiple photos

Enhancing Reels With Photo Tools

Enhance your Instagram Reels with photo tools to elevate the visual appeal and storytelling of your content.

Here are some ways to enhance your reels with photo tools:

  • Utilize Canva for professional-looking templates and seamless repurposing of reels on different platforms.
  • Explore InVideo’s online editor for more editing options, motion graphics, and transitions to create professional-looking reels.
  • FlexClip provides royalty-free photos, videos, and music, and offers numerous video editing tools and stunning effects for creating Instagram reels with more than 10 photos and clips.
  • Use Canva to add more photos, add text, select videos, upload your images, add music, and create new, high-resolution images for enhancing reels with photo tools.

Promoting Reels With Photos

using visuals to promote reels

When promoting your reels with photos, consider using personalized clips that prominently feature your face for maximum impact and engagement. Adding a personal touch can draw viewers in and make your content more relatable.

If you prefer not to appear on camera, you can create a compelling photo slideshow with Instagram’s music feature. This allows you to showcase your photography skills without needing to be in front of the lens.

Canva is a valuable tool for creating Instagram Reels with photos. It provides free templates and versatile features, allowing you to customize your content with fonts, transitions, and animations for a professional look.

Additionally, enhance your Instagram Reels with high-quality photos, engaging captions, and relevant hashtags to improve visibility and reach.

When you’re ready to share your creation, simply select ‘Reel’ when posting to add it to your Instagram profile.

Leveraging FAQs for Reel Creation

To create compelling Instagram Reels, consider leveraging frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to photography or your niche as inspiration for engaging and informative content. By addressing common queries and concerns through your Reels, you can add value to your audience and establish yourself as a knowledgeable and helpful creator.

Here’s how you can leverage FAQs for reel creation:

  • Identify common questions or concerns related to photography or your niche.
  • Use FAQs as inspiration for creating engaging and informative Reels.
  • Answer the FAQs using visual storytelling with photos and captions in your Reels.
  • Create a series of Reels addressing different FAQs to provide valuable content.

Easy Ways to Make Reels With Photos

creating reels with photos

Looking to create captivating Instagram Reels with your photos? It’s easier than you think!

Start by using Instagram’s native app to make reels with your photos. Simply select the videos or photos you want to include, add audio from the app’s library, and let your creativity flow on the editing page.

If you’re looking for more advanced features, consider using Canva. It allows you to create professional-looking Instagram Reels with versatile features. To make the process even easier, select a base template, add your photos, and use transitions to enhance the overall appeal.

With these easy ways to make reels with photos, you can showcase your photography skills or tell a visual story without the need to appear on camera.

Get ready to impress your followers with engaging and visually stunning IG reels featuring your best photos. So, why wait? Start creating your Instagram Reels with photos today and let your creativity shine!

Reel Creation Beyond 10 Photos

Ready to take your Instagram Reels with photos to the next level by expanding beyond just 10 images? When it comes to reel creation beyond 10 photos, there are innovative ways to enhance your content and keep your audience engaged.

Here’s how you can achieve this:

  • Utilize Canva: Create versatile and professional-looking templates in Canva to make Instagram Reels with photos beyond the 10-image limit. Experiment with different templates, animations, and transitions to add a unique touch to your content.
  • High-Resolution Images: Leverage high-resolution images and various font options available in Canva to create visually appealing and engaging Instagram Reels with photos.
  • Repurposing Content: Use the flexibility of Canva to seamlessly repurpose your Instagram Reels with photos for other platforms and marketing purposes, maximizing the reach of your content.
  • FlexClip: Explore the benefits of using FlexClip for Instagram Reels, allowing the creation of videos with more than 10 photos and clips, along with stunning effects and dynamic elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make an Instagram Reel With Multiple Pictures?

To make an Instagram Reel with multiple pictures, start by tapping the gallery icon in the Reel editor. Select and arrange the photos in the timeline bar to create a visually engaging collage. This creative photo presentation can boost Instagram engagement and align with social media trends.

How Do You Make a Reel With Pictures and Music?

To make a reel with pictures and music, get creative with editing, select a fitting track, time photos, add effects, tell a story through photos, find inspiration, use smooth transitions, write engaging captions, keep the reel length in mind, and prioritize high-quality photos.

Can You Make an Instagram Reel From Camera Roll?

Yes, you can create an Instagram Reel from your camera roll. Use the app’s editing options to select photos, adjust duration, and add music, text, and effects for captivating visual storytelling. Customize and post your Reel to engage your audience.

Can You Make a Reel With Just a Photo?

You can definitely make a reel with just a photo! Get creative with visual storytelling and photo compilation to inspire your audience. Use photo animation, engaging transitions, captivating content, and photo editing for reel aesthetics that stand out.


Now that you know how to make a reel on Instagram with photos, you can get creative and showcase your favorite moments in a fun and engaging way.

Whether you use the native app or Canva, there are plenty of options for adding music, text, and effects to make your reel stand out.

With these simple steps, you’ll be able to create stunning reels that will capture the attention of your followers.

So, start creating and sharing your photo reels today!

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