How To Save Videos On Pinterest To Gallery

So, you’ve stumbled upon some captivating videos on Pinterest and you’d like to keep them for future viewing. It can be quite the challenge to figure out how to save these videos to your gallery, but fear not, as there are simple methods to accomplish this.

Whether you’re using a mobile device or a computer, there are specific steps you can follow to make this happen. Stick around to uncover the straightforward techniques that will allow you to preserve your favorite Pinterest videos for easy access whenever you want.

Key Takeaways

  • Accessing and saving Pinterest videos can be done by tapping on the ellipsis or share icon near the video and selecting the download option.
  • It is important to check for any download restrictions or special permissions before saving Pinterest videos.
  • Users can utilize a Pinterest video downloader or third-party websites to save videos for offline viewing.
  • When saving Pinterest videos to a phone, users can use a Pinterest video downloader website and tap and hold the Download Video File button to save the video to their phone’s Downloads folder.

Accessing the Pinterest Video You Want

When looking for the Pinterest video you want, simply navigate to the video and tap to open it. Once the video is open, look for the ellipsis icon or share icon near the video. Tapping on this icon will present you with various options, including the ability to download the video to your device.

By selecting the download option, you can save the video directly to your device’s gallery for easy access anytime. It’s important to note that some videos may have download restrictions or require special permissions, so be sure to check for any permission settings that may affect the availability of the download option.

If you encounter restrictions, you may want to consider using a Pinterest Video Downloader tool, which can bypass these limitations and allow you to save the video for offline viewing.

With these simple steps, you can easily access and download videos from Pinterest, making it convenient to enjoy your favorite content on the go.

Using a Pinterest Video Downloader

You can easily use a Pinterest video downloader to save your favorite videos for offline viewing. By utilizing a Pinterest video downloader, you can conveniently access your most-liked videos from Pinterest whenever you want. Here’s a comparison of different methods to download Pinterest videos:

Platform Steps
Android 1. Tap the video to open it <br> 2. Tap the share Android icon <br> 3. Tap the download icon to save the Pin to your device
iOS 1. Tap the video to open it <br> 2. Tap the share iOS icon <br> 3. Tap the download icon to save the Pin to your device
Computer 1. Right-click on the video <br> 2. Select ‘Copy Video URL’ or ‘Copy Link Address’ <br> 3. Paste the video URL into a Pinterest video downloader and click ‘Download’
Mobile 1. Tap the three dots in the bottom right of the screen to open the video <br> 2. Select ‘Copy Link’ <br> 3. Paste the Pinterest link into a video conversion website and tap ‘Download’

Remember to exercise caution when using third-party websites to download Pinterest videos. Always ensure that they are reputable and secure. Also, consider using video downloader browser extensions or a download manager to organize your saved videos efficiently. Keep an eye out for any updates or changes in Pinterest’s policies regarding video downloading.

Saving the Video to Your Phone

video download for smartphones

To save the video to your phone, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the video post on Pinterest.
  2. Proceed to the Pinterest Video Downloader website.
  3. Tap and hold the Download Video File button to initiate the download process.
  4. Select ‘Download Linked File’ to save the video directly to your phone’s Downloads folder.

This will ensure that the video is easily accessible from your device’s gallery or any other preferred location.

You can repeat this process for each video you want to save, allowing you to build a collection of your favorite Pinterest video Pins on your mobile device.

Saving the Video to Your Computer

Wondering how to save a Pinterest video to your computer for easy access? It’s a breeze!

First, open Pinterest on your computer and find the video you want to download. Right-click on the video, then select ‘Copy Video URL’ or ‘Copy Link Address’.

Next, open your web browser and search for a reliable video downloader. Once you find one, paste the video URL into the downloader’s search box and click ‘Download’ to start the process.

Your video will be saved directly to your computer, allowing you to access it anytime without needing an internet connection.

Enjoying Your Saved Pinterest Videos

pinterest videos for offline

After saving your favorite Pinterest videos to your computer, the next step is to explore the various ways you can enjoy and access them easily.

Here are some tips for enjoying your saved Pinterest videos:

  • Create a dedicated folder in your gallery or media library specifically for your saved Pinterest videos. This will make it easy to find and enjoy them whenever you want.
  • Consider creating a playlist of your favorite Pinterest videos using a media player or a video streaming service. This way, you can watch them seamlessly without having to search for each video individually.
  • Share your saved Pinterest videos with friends and family by using the share feature on your device. This allows you to enjoy the videos together and discuss your favorite finds.
  • Explore different ways to interact with your saved Pinterest videos, such as creating video collages or incorporating them into your own creative projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Download a Video From Pinterest to My Gallery?

To download a video from Pinterest to your gallery, use a video downloader like Pinterest Video Downloader. It offers various download options for saving videos directly to your phone or desktop in high definition formats.

How Do I Save a Video From Pinterest to My Iphone?

To save a video from Pinterest to your iPhone, open the Pinterest app, tap the video, and then tap the share icon. Choose “Save Video” to store it on your iPhone and easily share on social media.

How Do I Save a Video to Pinterest?

To save videos on Pinterest, tap the video, select ‘Copy Link,’ then use a video conversion website to download. For mobile gallery management, explore different video conversion sites and download managers for effective video saving tips.

How Do You Save Pinterest to Camera Roll?

To save a video from Pinterest to your camera roll, open the Pinterest app, find the video Pin, tap the share icon, and then select the download option. This works on both Android and iOS devices, making the download process straightforward.


Now that you know how to save videos from Pinterest to your gallery, you can easily access and enjoy your favorite clips anytime. Whether you’re using a mobile device or computer, the process is simple and quick.

Just follow the steps outlined in this article and start building your collection of saved Pinterest videos.

Happy pinning!

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