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Please tell us about your target audience.Are they in a specific location? Male or Female? The more information you can give us the better. Any hashtags your ideal follower might use are also useful. To get setup quickly, you can also add your user/pass here. If you prefer, you can send these later (details of where will be in the welcome email).

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Please add 5 - 10 (the more the better) accounts that are similar to yours, that ideally have between 5000 - 25000 followers with high engagement. For example, if they have 10,000 followers, they should have 500+ likes per post. This will be a good place for us to start. If you're targeting people from a specific country or city, only add similar accounts from there.

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The team are super easy to communicate with and very quick to accommodate any change needed to their service. They’re super helpful and great to work with! Highly recommend 🙂

Helen Ashworth (Majelen)

Great service for small businesses. Full of knowledge, solutions, and always on hand to help in a crisis! Grateful for our two year relationship continuing into the future.

Lynn Mac