How to Sell Items on Facebook Marketplace – It’s So Easy

Written by Angela, Orginal Article Published

Looking to make some extra cash?

If you’re like me and you’re constantly trying to clear the clutter from your home and make a little extra money at the same time, you may want to consider selling your unwanted items on Facebook Marketplace. Scroll down for all the best tips on how to easily sell your items.

Facebook Marketplace is FREE to use without seller fees and/or commission cuts, unlike eBay, Poshmark, or Mercari. You keep 100% of the profit from the items that you sell and there is no charge to list your items.

“I was surprised by how easy Facebook Marketplace is to use! I was nervous thinking it was going to be much more complicated then Craigslist but it was actually SO simple and quick! I also love that on Facebook you can easily answer questions through their messenger, and also see other people’s profile info which makes you feel more secure compared to Craigslist. AND I feel like I got way more traction on my items through Facebook Marketplace.”

1. Make sure you’re not listing prohibited items.

While Facebook Marketplace does allow you to sell even the most random of items, there are some things that you just cannot sell:

  • Illegal, Prescription, or Recreational Drugs
  • Tobacco Products and Related Paraphernalia
  • Ingestible Supplements
  • Weapons, Ammunition, or Explosives
  • Animals
  • Adult Products or Services
  • Alcohol
  • Body Parts and Fluids
  • Subscriptions or Digital Products
  • Concert or Event tickets – while tickets are not on the official list of prohibited items, you’ll find that Facebook Yard Sale groups do not allow them and Facebook Marketplace will remove ticket listings shortly after they have been posted.

For a complete list of items that cannot be sold on Facebook Marketplace, go here.

2. Take multiple high-quality photos.

While you don’t need a fancy DSLR camera to take great photos (smartphones have awesome internal cameras now!), always make sure that you have a nice selection of photos for the items that you are selling. You want them to be well lit and show the item from various angles. You should also point out any flaws or imperfections to make the buyer aware of the condition of the item so there are no surprises upon pick up.

3. Write clear titles and descriptions.

In addition to the photos, your title and description need to be clear and concise, indicate its condition (new, like new, slightly used, etc.), and include sizing if it’s a clothing item. Many buyers will also want to know if your item is from a smoke-free or pet-free home.

4. Choose the right product category.

Be sure to place your item in the proper category. For example, if you’re selling diapers, don’t put them in a random category like home and garden. Make sure you put them in Family or Baby & Kids so buyers can easily find them when searching for baby-related items.

5. Set the proper asking price.

We all want as much as we can get for our items, but you have to be prepared for people to want to haggle and low ball you. When listing your item, it is rare that someone will want to pay your initial asking price unless it’s a very popular/hot item.

Keep in mind the lowest price you’ll accept so that when someone makes an offer, you can quickly respond to them. If you’re not willing to budge on the price, be sure and let potential buyers know that your list price is firm.

Before listing an item, I will often do a search on Facebook Marketplace and various Facebook Yard Sale Groups to see what the going rate is for the item I plan to sell. By doing this, I find it helps me set my price point in order to be competitive with the pricing and have an idea of what I can expect to get.

6. Arrange for pickup at a public place.

When I sell items on Facebook Marketplace I like to meet the buyer in a public place rather than have them come to my home. Many people will meet their buyers at grocery store parking lots, gas stations, Starbucks, or even at a police station or fire station parking lot. This ensures that the buyer won’t be showing up on your doorstep if they have buyer’s remorse later on. Plus, it’s much safer when meeting a random stranger.

A friend of mine sells a ton of stuff on Marketplace and prefers the buyers come to her home so that she doesn’t have to waste gas or worry about people flaking out. If they don’t show up, she hasn’t wasted any time waiting on them. It honestly comes down to your own comfort level and how safe you feel having a stranger come to your home.

7. Only accept cash or use safe payment services.

NEVER EVER give anyone your bank information to do a wire transfer as a form of payment for your items. I would also advise that you do not accept a check as there is a risk of fraud or the check bouncing. There are several safe ways to receive payment for your items without having to share your bank information.

8. Buy items on the Marketplace, too!

Want to buy items on Facebook Marketplace? Keep these tips in mind…

  • Just like selling, you’ll want to meet the person in a neutral public place like a store parking lot, Police Station, or Gas Station. If it’s a larger item and you have to go to the seller’s house, be sure and take a friend or family member with you for safety.
  • Always inspect the items you are buying to be sure they are in working condition or as promised in the listing.
  • Be careful with high-value items as there are often counterfeit items sold on the Marketplace. Do your research to be sure the item you are buying is legit.
  • Check out the seller’s profile to be sure they aren’t new to Facebook, and if you have any mutual friends. Be sure they are local to you and not in another state or even overseas.