Affiliate Scheme

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Affiliate Scheme

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We currently run a referral program for our social media growth service. You’ll get 20% monthly recurring commission whilst anyone you signup stays on the plan. So if someone is on the Premium plan at £50 per month, you’ll receive £10 per month.

To set your affiliate account up, go to;

Then once you’ve signed up, you should be directed to your dashboard. If you’re not redirected, try refreshing the page or clicking the above link again and selecting the login button in the top right of the page.

Once logged in, you’ll see your dashboard, which will show you how many people you’ve signed up and also commissions owed to you. Here you can also manage your payments.

Most importantly, you’ll see a unique link to our website. This is a signup page your referrals will need to use for you to receive the commissions. It’s a two step process, submitting the info and then on the following page, choosing the plan and setting up a subscription.